Fried chicken wings with chili tomato sauce LM 1550.-
Chicken breast with prawns in leek flavoured cream sauce served with rice with green peas GM 1890.-
Crispy duck-leg with steamed cabbage and onion potato LM, GM 2150.-
Apple and camembert stuffed turkey breast with cranberry jam and pommes Duchesses 1980.-
Roasted chicken leg with mixed salad with 1000 island dressing GM 1890.-
Spiced chicken breast steak with mixed salad with roquefort dressing GM 1790.-
Ham, onion and ewe-cheese stuffed turkey breast with parsley potato 1950.-
Chicken breast in almond crust served with brokkoli, cheese sauce and potato-croquettes 1790.-
Peach stuffed chicken breast with cranberry jam and pommes Duchesses 1890.-
Turkey breast in cheese crust with garlic flavoured sour cream and potato wedges 1880.-
Chicken breast grilled with grilled tomatoes and mozzarella served with cream flavoured sweetcorn and rice GM 1880.-
Chicken breast with vegetable in tortilla 1890.-