Pork dishes

Wiener Schnitzel from pork with french fries LM 1850.-
Pork and potato casserole a bit different LM, GM 1850.-
Trotters and radish stuffed pork cutlet with steak potato 1950.-
Pork slices in flap mushroom flavoured brown sauce with potato croquettes 2280.-
Smoked cheese, ham and mushroom stuffed pork cutlet with mashed potatot 1950.-
Mincemeat fingers with red mustard, vegetables and french fries LM, GM 2080.-
Pork stew with small flour dumplings 1750.-
Pork medaillons mexican style with spicy rice LM, GM 1870.-
Pork cutlet “Gipsy” style with onion potato LM, GM 1950.-
Scamp flitch with Mariachi potato GM 1790.-