About Us

The beginning of the Corso of Szentendre, big parking, a couple of stairs downwards, patio. And at this very moment we stop rushing the casual duties. It is not too complicated.

El Mariachi étterem - SzentendreThere are seven – eight tables in the patio, more inside of course, but in the summer even if our feet get frozen we sit out there. We are about to figure out how we would be sitting around the table when the waitress happens to be there already. We cannot see Banderas yet so we ask for two tequilas that inspires us what meal should we order to rejoice ourselves.
The cheese soup is thick, soft, yellowish white delicacy with portions of cheese inside added delicious spices to it. The toast with garlic is bringing an inexplicable fascination to it.

Then we carry on browsing the menu as usual for we cannot decide. Two pages of poultry, pork, beef, fish, pasta leads one to the other. Our fantasy is turned on by the chilli – corn flavouring, but out of the courses there is only a few that has Mexican flavouring. One of us very ably chooses the chicken breast morsels stuffed with prawn casserole and garlic sauce which is escorted by meringue shaped, golden croquettes. I also get into closer relationship with the chicken: the victim is a portion of breast marinate, broiled, made more attractive by pepper and herbs, with fresh salad and grated cheese. It is really fresh!

El Mariachi étterem - SzentendreIn the meantime we have to drink. From the Wine Menu Szeremley Szemelt Rizling is winking at us and we do so in return. Light, fruity, anyway it’s wicked! We are full. There is some left on the plate as the portion is not for children. But take a leaf out of the Wittman boys’ book, a dessert should be kept in sight too. The somlói. It can be boggled up very easily.
Well, the whipped cream is right there, the cake must have been prepared a few moments ago, nice and soft, the chocolate sauce is not too sweet, not bitter but wonderful. The music might be Portugal or if it is not then some Latin, it strengthens the feeling of comfort. There is no noise, as it gets dark little candles happen to be on the tables, the prices are absolutely OK, the service gets a grade A.
What is missing? Not even Banderas.